An introduction to the role of a security guard

Published: 31st March 2011
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Security guards perform a pivotal role in many aspects of society around the globe, offering peace of mind to members of the public, members of staff, individuals who need protection, etc by their mere presence.

Security guards who are also known as security officers, security personnel and manned guards to name but a few are used by private or public companies to guard people, assets, premises and property.

It is thought that security guards or officers come from the middle ages in Europe and were known as watchmen. A very distinctive uniform is usually worn; this is to ensure a highly visible and effective presence that can act as a deterrent to any potential illegal or inappropriate activities.

In certain circumstances security guards can perform their roles in very mundane locations such as office blocks where very little happens and is likely to happen. However those that work in either banks or as night club security guards (often known as bouncers or coolers) are in potentially high pressure and dangerous situations due to the nature of the environment they work in.

Security Guards perform their duties either by keeping a prominent and high profile role to act as a deterrent, or more discretely through walking patrols, watching video cameras and alarm systems. They will be on the look out for many things, for example disorder, inappropriate behaviour, fire and crime and if any of these things are detected they will ensure that the appropriate people they are working for are contacted as well as the emergency services, etc.

A professional security guard whilst ensuring that correct behaviour is observed should ensure that they are personable, approachable and interact with those they are working alongside or guarding in order to create a good atmosphere. Obviously this will vary dependent on location, those working in retail stores for example very often will have to deal with instances of shop lifting, whilst those working on reception will on the whole have quite a quiet life and can spend more time on the social aspect of the job.

This is a reasonably large topic, for further details on security guards which provide a very valuable service in society have a look online or in bookshops or libraries.

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